Arkensiel Photography

By arkensielphoto


A day of doing not very much as I had to wait in for a parcel to be collected. My husband was cutting the lawns so I had to stay in. I spent the time knitting and watching planes n my “plane finder” app. Once the parcel had been collected it was far too hot to do anything in the garden, so I did some more knitting!

Today's picture is of some more of the Roses in the front garden.

It was twenty-two degrees Celsius at GMT noon.

Just an observation. This morning I back-blipped yesterday's picture as the system was not working properly yesterday. I noticed that, even though the photograph was taken on the 3 July, blip actually dated it as 4 July. I have been in and changed the date so all is well. The same thing happened to my husband's picture, so I am not sure why the system is not picking up the date from the details associated with the photograph, which is what it used to do.

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