Miss E taught herself to knit last night watching YouTube videos. Pretty impressive!! 
Apparently everyone knits at school!!!
She was using giant toddler needles that we bought years ago and crappy thin wool and still managing pretty well! I promised to get her some proper wool today and she ordered - and paid for - a set of knitting needles on Amazon last night (she loves a bit of internet shopping now she's got her Go Henry card!!)
After dropping them off at school I carried to the station in Milton Keynes to drop Mr K off. Then I went to Hobbycraft for wool. 
And the Pound Shop for wool.
And Halfords to get a new battery for my car key as the warning light has been coming on for months whenever I turn the engine off to let me know the battery is low. Now it's doing it whenever the engine's turned on so I think we're getting down to the business end!!!
Knowing my luck it'll run out when I've stopped in some lay-by in the middle of nowhere and I'll be stuck!!
The child behind the desk at Halfords said he could do it but as they had no instructions from Toyota he couldn't guarantee it would work. Annoying!!!
He said to go to the Toyota garage. Really???
I messaged Mr K who said he'd deal with it at the weekend.
As if!!!!!!
It'll be a few more weeks playing Russian Roulette with starting the car!

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