The Sofas Have Arrived

Finally the sofas have arrived!! Whoop whoop!!!
I forgot to mention the problems we had getting a courier sorted. Mr K paid someone on Shipley who then disappeared off the face of the earth and we only knew they weren't collecting the sofas last Saturday when they didn't collect them!!
Having been paralysed by inaction over the last week I finally got round to organising someone else on Wednesday and they brought them over today. It's so funny watching two stocky, insanely strong Polish men carrying them around as it they weighed nothing. Mr K and I would still be huffing and puffing them into the house now!!
Obviously they're not looking their best piled in the living room but the old sofas are still in here so there's no room for them!
Mr B and Mrs L are coming to get them tomorrow morning and then there'll be a bit more space!
I proper love them. Even piled up like this they're making me happy!!!!

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