Another big day for Miss E today. She had a climbing competition at her rock climbing centre. Before that I had the ridiculous logistical nightmare of working out how to watch Miss L in  cricket match in Milton Keynes and get back to get Miss E to the climbing competition. Also in Milton Keynes. About half a mile from the school where the match was being held.
I went to the match - which wasn't a match at all but a series of skills exercises. Miss L is quite handy with a ball it turns out!! As usual I felt like an alien amongst some of the other mums. I don't worry about things that other people worry about!! Like uniforms, sports fixtures, homework, making hats for the royal wedding picnic tomorrow!!!
Unbelievably Miss L's school hadn't let the other school know that she's gluten free so when they brought out the sandwiches and banana cake for everyone I had to watch as it dawned on Miss L that there was nothing for her. The other  PE teacher rushed off to get a tin full of sweets and brought that back for Miss E to choose. Her match tea is in extras. Sigh!!!!!
To be fair - probably judging by the look on my face - they went off again and came back with a plate laden with cheese, cucumber, strawberries, pineapple, crisps, and melon. 
Miss L is astoundingly fine with it all and seemingly unbothered but I hate seeing her singled out and all the fuss and her friends crowding round to see what she's got.
Another email to school I think. Sigh.
Then it was back to Miss E's school and then right back to Milton Keynes for the climbing competition.
I had been dreading it slightly as the one in November had been a bit of a disaster - she messed up her first climb and got cross. With me!
But tonight she did really well making it to the top on the first climb, having a good attempt at the second and taking it in her stride when she could only manage a few holds on the ridiculously hard third route.
During the bouldering bit I could see her chatting happily with people waiting with her, and laughing when she fell off during her attempts. 
She really enjoyed it and was pleased with her efforts.
What a difference!!!! 
From there we had to dash - fifteen minutes late - to her appointment with the hypnotherapist to talk about her sleep again.
Miss L and I sat in the next room doing a jigsaw (me), playing with the cats (her) and bouncing on the trampoline out in the garden (obviously her!!!)
In no time at all (because we were so late!) Miss E was out and we were on our way to McDonalds and home.

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