A Car Boot Sale, A Wedding and a Campsite

Today got off to an early start. My alarm went off at 6.30am, I made myself a cup of tea in my travel mug and headed off to the car boot sale.
I met my mum and dad, had a nice wander round and found a few bargains.
Then it was home - to a wonderfully empty house - for a cup of tea, avocado and mushrooms on toast and every minute of the royal wedding. Blissfully uninterrupted.
I loved it!!! 
I'm a sucker for a bit of romance.
The crowds, the outfits, the music, the flowers, the dress, the bridesmaids and page-boys, the sun, the flags....... It was just wonderful!
It made me quite emotional watching Meghan Markle set off from Cliveden. That's where Mr K proposed to me in July 2011 (worst Blip ever, I must re-do it!!) See extras for a sneaky photo of the moment he proposed which clearly wasn't taken today)
In fact the whole thing made me emotional!!
Once the wedding was over and after a couple of hours of faffing we set off on our second trip in Penny. 
We went to the very lovely Mousley House Farm Campsite near Warwick.
Unfortunately I think the last few busy days caught up with Miss E and it was a bit fraught. 
Suddenly the limitations of a campervan because clear - nowhere to go to get away from an over-emotional tween!!
I went for a walk in the neighbouring field but unfortunately Miss E tried to follow me. Barefoot. And trod on a thistle. And then rolled about shrieking.
We tried to light our barbecue for the first time since we bought it in 2013. Unfortunately the charcoal was also bought in 2013 and evidently charcoal has a limited shelf life. Who knew?!!!
The lack of "campfire" and the resulting lack of toasted marshmallows tipped Miss E over the edge into crazy and I said enough was enough and that we were going home.
Miss L was distraught and crying her eyes out so I said we'd stay for her sake. Uuuugghhhhhhhhhh!!!!
I drank tea and read camping magazines while the Little Misses and Mr K played badminton as the sun went down. They mostly had fun!
They settled down quickly once they'd got up into their rooftop bed, then Mr K and I snuggled down into our bed. 
Laying there in our comfy sleeping bag looking up at the stars I could forget the last few hours and remember why I like camping!!


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