By strawhouse

Best Friends

These two are peas in a pod! 
They are so funny together and do that hilarious thing where they spend very second together at school and then FaceTime and text each other the minute they get home. 
Today was Miss S's birthday party at a trampoline place in Milton Keynes. 
Before that Mr B and Mrs L came round to collect our old sofas. We had a lovely few hours chatting. And had a sofa each!!!!
Time got away from us and soon it was time to dash off to the party. We picked up Miss E on the way and, while Mr K and our Miss E waited in the car outside Xscape, I took them in. Bizarrely when we got there there were no other kids from their class and no sign of the party girl or her family. I checked the invite and thankfully had it right so we waited. Eventually everyone turned up and I left them to it!
Mr K, Miss E and I went to Ikea and TKMaxx while they were at the party and then headed back to get them. A good time had been had by all!
We dropped Miss E home and then went home ourselves for homework, baths and not getting ready to fly to Dublin at 7am!!

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