Probably the worst possible thing that could happen to a pet lover happened today. Luis, one of our special cats (they all are) died today aged 10 and has been with us for 8.

Normally I would have been going out with Luna for the evening walk but was still busy mowing one of the horse fields, so Angie loaded her up and drove out onto the road, was probably not doing 20km/h when a farmer friend on tractor was waiting in the other direction to drive onto his field to collect the grass he had mowed earlier. Angie looked up towards him in the cab & wave at the moment Luis jumped onto the road and although she swerved it was too late.

Luis had spent the afternoon with her on the terrace and had clearly decided to go and do some mouse hunting on the mown grass. He must have been frightened by the tractor.

Luckily he was already dead by the time Angie got to him. There was no exterior sign of any damage and even an hour later before we buried him, it looked as though he was simply sleeping. Heartwrenching stuff.

Last time I bliped him was in January where I also describe his somewhat different life. He will be sorely missed, especially by young cat Eddie who was the only one who played with him.

Today's Blip was taken at probably exactly the time the tragic event occurred.

Children & grandchildren were very sad to hear the news - Luis was the only one of our five cats who make a beeline for their laps when they are here and in a few weeks they all arrive. Ironically the grandchildren were busy in Ireland today with hay & tractors - Extra Photo - finishing off the hard labour part of unloading & stacking the 71 bales they made. Dad, the tractor driver, was in the pool when this was taken.

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