The Great Escape!

I was sitting in the backyard in the morning, watching for hummingbirds, when I spotted a chipmunk running at top speed. It appeared to be chasing another chipmunk, and they were two tan colored blurs. But as I looked closer, I realized it was a chipmunk chasing a FROG!!!!

The chase continued until both critters ended up right in front of me. The chipmunk looked up, saw me, I moved to grab my camera (the whole episode took only SECONDS), and the chipmunk skedaddled, leaving the frog sitting there blinking in the grass.

I stood up, took a picture or two of the frog (a wood frog, with its pretty little black lolfrogburglar mask), and then I reached for it, to put it back in the shady butterfly garden. But it took off on its own, hopping at quite high speeds, each hop very long; excellent form.

GO, FROG, GO!!!!

In honor of the wood frog who hopped long and high and got away, here is a song from Journey's album Escape. The song is Don't Stop Believin'.

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