There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

Fawn on the Fourth of July

It was a momentous fourth of July, even though we stayed at home. The morning featured a bear in our backyard (spotted by a neighbor, who called me to tell me the news; no, I never saw it myself) and a neighborhood parade of tractors with flags on that drove up and down the local roads.

So now I think I know who had been knocking over my hummingbird feeder those couple of nights a few weeks back. I suspected everyone, of course: the bear, the deer, the raccoons. I will keep an eye out for the bear, and actually do hope I see it for myself one of these days.

But my favorite moment of the day was this one, in which I got the opportunity to photograph a fawn at the back of Gremlin's Meadow. I have known that fawns are around, because I've startled one or two on occasion. Their mamas stash them at the edge of our woods for safe-keeping. But these were my first decent photo set, and I was so excited!

In other news, I told you the story yesterday of my shark bandage and how much I've been enjoying it. And with it being the July fourth weekend, we decided to reenact a scene from the movie Jaws. (What, CLOSE THE BEACHES on the fourth of July weekend? Are you CRAZY?)

So in the extras, you may see a brave red-shirt Crittergator fleeing the shark on my bandage, not unlike the scene from the famous movie. Rest assured that no Crittergators were harmed in the making of this parody! And that, my friends, draws Shark Week to its conclusion, for I finally took the band-aid off!

The soundtrack song is my main man Bruce Springsteen, with Fawn . . . I mean, Born in the U.S.A.

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