There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

Shark Week at Greenwood Furnace

Last Sunday, I got a boo-boo on the top of my right foot. How I got it is the dumbest tale, but hey, it's MY dumb tale, so I'll tell it. My husband and I were getting the cat ready for bed, which involves getting Dexter's fresh water and food ready, and running the cat for treats, and then closing him into his room with supplies for the night.

And my husband and I somehow collided in the hallway. I got a few scratches on the top of my right foot, but he nearly had one of his smaller toenails ripped off. First I thought he was kidding, but he was not.

There was blood everywhere, and my poor husband sat bleeding in his chair, while I brought him stuff to try to help. The good news is he's going to live and the toenail has decided to stay on. Hooray!

That night, I found a marvelous shark bandage in the bathroom and put it on my own little boo-boo (which was far less impressive than his), and I felt instantly better! It is the kind of band-aid that is clear around the edges, and waterproof, and I like it very much.

The band-aid has been on now for heading toward a week, and I don't want to take it off. In fact, it is a real trooper. It's been through several showers and swims, and it's only showing a little wear. I've joked that I'm putting a second one on my left foot, to match!

The temperatures are going through the roof in Pennsylvania, and perhaps some like it hot; however, I myself do not. When the temps head for 90 degrees, I like to head to a cool swimming area to douse myself, and try to get my core temperature back down to where I can think again.

And so it was that we made our way to Greenwood Furnace state park, which has the coolest water I know of. And let it be noted that Whipple Dam, another favored swimming spot, is closed for the summer because they're dredging the lake. So our swimming choices have become more limited than they are most summers.

Above is a picture I took showing the beach area at Greenwood Furnace, with the shark ready to attack innocent swimmers. And there on the left is my unsuspecting husband, getting ready to get into the water. Look out! Keep an eye out for sharks!!!!

Dunt dun! Dunt dun! DUNT DUN! DUNT DUN!!! <--that's shark music, eek!

This posting is for the 3rd of July, which is the anniversary of Jim Morrison's death. And in honor of that anniversary, my husband and I watched the Oliver Stone film The Doors this past week. Which, in case you didn't know it, will truly show you what a messed-up individual Jim Morrison actually was. Every time we watch the film, we shake our heads and marvel.

I have a feeling that had I met Jim in person, I would not have liked the man. But I adore his music, and somehow listening to the Doors always soothes me. So my song for this day is one of theirs. Jim, your music will be with us always. The soundtrack song is the Doors, with The End.

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