By evolybab

3 Amigos.......and Friday

Well it had to happen didn't it! The boys have been so good until today, but as soon as I mentioned that I was going into the garden to look for a flower for flower Friday, they rushed off, and before I could catch my breath, they were clambering up into the clematis to have their photographs taken....I blame Trigger for leading them into bad ways!......I did laugh though.  So here they are, plus one clematis flower called Betty Corning for flower Friday :))
Earlier this morning they came to my excercise/dance class and were an immediate hit with the ladies there.......and boy are they fit, stretching, bending and moving around the room, such agility. I think it will be an early night again after all the activities today .....:))

Thanks so much for looking in, and all the lovely comments, stars and hearts :))

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