Now, as I see it......

By JohnRH

On the beach

We have a cockerel in the field in front of our accommodation who does a brilliant impression of the actor and comedian Johnny Vegas shouting 'Potato!'. Starting at 5am.

We're creatures of habit. In all the years we've been coming here we've mainly used the same beach. It's not the best beach on the island; far from it. But it's the easiest to get to, it's at the head of a sheltered bay so the water is always like a millpond (we'll forget about those ten minutes after they had a small earthquake off Rhodes last time we were here), and it has an excellent taverna right on the water with good sunbeds. And it's either a short bus ride away or walkable, although the walk back is uphill and always very hot, but we usually do it. So that's where we went today and my shot is looking out from our beach. And it was just as good as it had always been; in fact, they had renewed the sunbeds and umbrellas and built a small beach bar next to the taverna. All good apart from one thing; they had introduced piped music too. And not just any old piped music; not Greek music either, but the dreadful modern stuff that sounds like people are singing under water, is totally repetitive and has a drum beat that feels like you're next to a pile driver (I know, I'm getting old). It wasn't loud, but it was there, all the time. So tomorrow we will go to the better beach which is about 20 minutes walk further or can be reached by water taxi. And has a basic taverna with no music and free sunbeds.

I've added an extra; we had a coffee in the harbour this morning and this was our view just before and just after the day trip boats from Rhodes arrived. People who stay on the island tend to keep out of the harbour area through the day.

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