The cheeky face appeared to torture Daisy. 
I spent the morning at the hospital to get a spot on my leg checked as twelve years ago I had a Carcinoma cut out, so was concerned that this may another, however it was not so that was a relief. They blasted it with Liquid Nitrogen, so now have a couple of blisters. Have to go back in November to have it checked. Youngest son came over after with the lovely Cooper. What a great help he is, he pointed my front step and then took the workings of the pond to bits and cleaned everything, also there was a leak so he found that and repaired it. I rewarded him with roast leg of lamb, mint sauce, Jersey Royal potatoes, cabbage and carrots, followed by meringue, strawberries and ice cream. He went home happy. Lol.
Not a very nice day today no sun and rain this afternoon, as after my son left I did the weekly shop and when I came out it was pouring.
Sorry I am maybe not keeping up with everyone, but I do appreciate all the lovely comments, stars and hearts, thank you.
Have a great weekend.

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