I Witness

By KangaZu

Abstract Thursday .....

... red, white & blue.

Believe it or not these are yellow black-eyed susans!

As the hot & humid weather continued today we decided to get out for our walk early.  R has off today due the July 4th holiday! YAY!

We started at Jacobsburg State Park looking for hummingbirds, frog, etc.  I saw a male hummingbird but he didn't fly within good picture shooting distance .... and he chose flowers in the shade to feed on.  We had better luck at the frog pond where there were several on the water's surface .... and one on a rock outside the water.  That's quite rare to see.

While waiting for a hummer to come around a took some pictures of the black-eyed susans.  Then I got the brilliant idea (sarcasm there!) to change the colors to red, white and blue.  NOT an easy task.  I didn't finish processing the picture before we went off to watch the fireworks so I had time to mull things over.  That's when I remembered the Photoshop Action Squicker Art!!  After lots of hard work getting the colors changed I wasn't at all happy with the blue so I tried using the action to see if I liked the end result better.  And I do!! 

After Jacobsburg we went to Plainfield Rail Trail for our walk and to check on the chipmunks!  They were glad to see us .... especially on a Thursday! 

Happy Independence Day to everyone who celebrated it today! (Or actually yesterday as I'm posting this on Friday!)

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