An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Ginger eyelashes...

Love that golden face :-))  This was her late afternoon staring intently at David (who was checking emails on his phone) willing him to pick up the toy she'd dropped onto his lap, and play with her.  She stares for about ten seconds and if no response is received, she gently taps you with her paw.  It's so cute :-))

Despite being loaded with the cold, albeit feeling slightly better mild man-flu now although that sounds like an oxymoron to me!)  David headed off to our friend D's house this morning to help him build furniture.  

D & his wife K moved house last Friday and 48 hours later K was off to China for two weeks on business and D was left with a house in chaos and a new puppy, just to make things extra interesting!

Think they made some progress and puppy Hamish is apparently doing well with his toilet training but of course is chewing everything!  I'm so glad Lola is past all that, but I do miss her little fluffy puppy size.  We will organise a get together once Lola has recovered from her op and Hamish has had all his injections.  That will be a fun day!  :-))

I've had a pretty unproductive day.  I was still awake at almost 4am so have been tired today but determined not to snooze as I'm hoping I'll sleep tonight.  

Getting my hair cut tomorrow morning and fancy a different look but don't know what.  May tell Linda to surprise me!  :-))

And with that the weekend is upon us yet again.  Have a great one  Blip Pals :-)) xx

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