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By Damnonii

We're on the road to...


Actually we were on the way home from Glasgow when today's blip was captured, but lets not split hairs :-))

I don't think I've mentioned yet, but Lola is getting spayed next week and she should have been at the vet yesterday afternoon for her pre-op assessment, but they had an emergency come in so it was postponed till today.

We had to be at Vet Creche to see the wonderful Vet Dr Adele Fitzparick at 10.30am so left the house at 9.30am, which was cutting it fine but thankfully the traffic was light and we made it on time.  

Lola was made a great fuss of by the reception staff.  She's definitely going to get spoilt rotten when she's there next week!  

Adele checked her over and she's in perfect health (and no sign of phantom pregnancy or her season starting early) so she's good to go.

We've been a bit worried about her recently as her appetite had waned and she's become quite a fussy eater of late and I was sure she'd lost some weight but she got on the scales and stood perfectly still (treat induced stillness :-)) and she weighs 29.8 kgs.  Adele says she wouldn't want her to be over 30kgs so she's actually fine.  And Sod's Law she's eaten all her food yesterday and today so think I've been worrying over nothing.  The consensus is she is a picture of health and beautiful with it, so I am more than happy with that!  :-))

Home in time for her walk with R.  She actually jumps with joy when she sees him.  Up on her back legs and actually jumping so that her back legs are clear off the floor!  I know she adores him but I suspect it's her doggy friends on their group walk that she's extra excited about seeing :-))

After our lunch, David stretched out on the sofa for a wee rest it's man flu you know! and I returned to my paints and had a productive afternoon making a new home card for friends, a good luck card for my niece Jennifer who's about to start a new job, and a birthday card for Norma.  Got a great wee production line going!  :-)))

We just had a very light supper as we had our main meal at lunch time at our favourite local Italian Deli.  

And now it's almost 2am and I am still sitting here but at least tonight I haven't fallen asleep and my journal is now up to date!

Hopefully this means that tomorrow I can apply myself to a proper blip catch up!  Looking forward to that immensely.

Holiday backblips start HERE  but it's taken me so long to get up to date, I think you've seen them!  lol!

Night night / good morning - depending on where you are in the world :-))  

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