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By Damnonii

Haircut 100...

Still awake staggering in from the disco at 4.00am ;-) I was lucky enough to see the most amazing sunrise.  Unfortunately there was no time to grab my big camera so a phone shot it had to be, and I toddled back to bed smug in the knowledge that my blip was in the bag.  How efficient!  :-))

The best laid plans, however, as just after 9.30am I got a text from our friend Carole (and Lola's breeder) to say she was in Perth and if it was suitable she could pop in on her way home and give Lola a much needed trim (following social distancing rules of course :-)  Well, given that Lola is like a Yeti and I was going to contact Carole to see if she could trim her next week, my answer was a resounding yes!  

Lola was ecstatic to see Carole till she saw the scissors!  lol  She's a superstar though and is very compliant and let's Carole do what she has to do (which was a lot of cutting!)  By the end poor Carole was melting.  We'd shut them in the outer hall and didn't realise the radiator was on!  

When Carole left, Lola was parading up and down showing off her Basil Brush tail and newly trimmed bloomers (Carole had to trim her bloomers shorter than normal because she was a bit matted!  Oops!)  Extras show more pics of posing Lola, the pile of fur that came off her, and this morning's beautiful sunrise.  Jeez, just over 100 days in lockdown and Madame Lola is the first one to get her hair cut!  

No zoom pub quiz tonight so dinner will be a bit more relaxed than usual.  Having Vietnamese minted prawn salad with sweet potatoes wedges followed by a movie (to watch, not to eat :-)) or might start watching Normal People since everyone has raved about it.  

But first, a wee G&T.  Cheers!  :-)))

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