An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Rain, rain, go crochet...

The rain was absolutely bouncing yesterday evening but my new plants seem to have survived.  Phew!

It remained dry today till David set foot on the driving range.  Typical.  He was in the covered area though so was able to continue.

I've had a day of little jobs and one medium sized one.  

The medium sized job was to sketch out a Chookie Birdie scene that I am doing for a friend (to give to a loved one.)  The deadline is tight (I will be handing it over this Saturday) but I've been mulling over the scenario in my head for a few weeks so when I came to sketch the idea, it was almost fully formed.  I find that a more effective way of working than starting weeks in advance and ending up with about 10 rejected sketches.

I will (hopefully) get the proper drawing done tomorrow then I have the rest of the week to get it painted.  That said, I will try to get it completed as early in the week as possible so I can concentrate on menu planning for said friends coming on Saturday.

Oh and I also crocheted.  Took photos of some of the squares to colour match so blipping one as they're the only photos I took today!

In other news the social calendar is filling up.  Friends here this weekend, two dinner dates with friends in Edinburgh in July and August, lunch with a friend and ex-work colleague a week on Thursday, Ele and Kenny here on 16th, Blip pal P and his lovely mum here 24th-25th, lunch with friends on 28th.  Still trying to get dates organised to see Agnes and Adrian, as well as Andrew, Nikki and Esme!  

We are keeping an eye on things though as Scotland's covid figures are not good at the moment.  

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