An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Take me home country roads...

Big day today....drum roll please....

Alan went out for a run in the car for the first time in 15 weeks!  Woo hoo!

We'd promised him that as soon as the five mile travel restriction was lifted he could go out in his car.  Ashleigh was the lucky one to take him (he was very happy about that) and they headed off in the pouring rain after lunch.  

They were both giddy at the prospect so the weather didn't bother them too much, although they knew the chances of stopping somewhere scenic and getting out for a short walk were virtually non-existent and that did indeed prove to be the case.  But they returned happy and laughing as they got out the car and dashed through the rain to get inside.

I had hoped to make a photo of their return but as I put my camera to my eye and pressed the shutter release, it became apparent my camera card was still in my laptop so I missed the chance.

So a day of rain that meant poor Lola had to be washed from head to toe with the Mud Daddy (and no I'm not referring to David :-) on her return from her morning moor walk.

On the bright side, the rain did stop this evening and Lola was able to have a more pleasant stroll 'n' sniff along the back lane.

Friday again peeps!  Have a great weekend :-)) xx

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