An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Another emergency flower blip...


Well after having a lovely day playing golf yesterday and feeling absolutely fine when he went to bed, David woke up with raging man-flu the cold!  It literally came on him overnight.  He looked and sounded totally miserable and I felt quite sorry for him as I headed out for lunch with friend (and ex-boss) Lj and Mu (another ex-work colleague.)

I see Lj fairly regularly (last time 15th June :-) but I haven't seen Mu for at least 18 months so it was lovely to catch up with her.  

I am sure Mu is on the other side of 70 but she could easily pass for 20 years younger.  She looks amazing!  I think her fitness level is the clue to her youthful good looks.  Walks for miles, hill climbs (and I mean BIG hills) cycles, swims, name a few.  Oh and runs after grandchildren too.  

Lots of laughter as we ate lunch followed by the purchase of fresh strawberries and raspberries (yes I was at my usual haunt again!! :-) then back home.

Lj and Mu popped in for 10 mins to see D, who was hugging a bowl of soup and feeling sorry for himself.  I hope they don't catch his bugs!

Once they'd gone, poor D took himself off to bed it's man-flu you know and I  settled down at the kitchen table to do a watercolour challenge - fifteen minutes of free painting, no pencil sketches, just paint to paper, working very quickly in the hope of producing something recognisable (this time an anemone :-)

I quite like these little challenges as there's no time to fret or worry about where to put the paint, it's just a case of flooding the paper with water and colour and hoping for the best seeing where it leads.

That done, I continued my card making and in the blink of an eye it was almost 7.30pm!

David, the poor soul, it's man-flu you know! emerged from his germ infested pit upstairs (he was sent to a spare room) feeling a little peckish so I made dinner while he made himself comfy on the sofa in the living room. 

After dinner he took Lola for a short walk then was back in bed by 11pm.

Meanwhile, I sat on my chair with my laptop, full of good intentions for getting up to date with my blips, only to promptly fall asleep and wake with a start at 3.10am, my fingers still poised over the keyboard!

It was getting light as I climbed into bed! 

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