Woman Walking

By njoyce06

The Hunter at Work......

After fertilizing last week, the Gerber are sending flowers everywheres!
The Huntress at my villa was on the job.  Molly knows the lizards are there.  She can hear them scurrying around in the leaves in the pot, but DARN!  they are quick as a wick and sneaky as a wink!   She runs from side to side, bury's her heard, 1/2 way, inside the leaves.....   As she is looking deep within, all the lizards run across the rocks, jump onto the plant stands and watch her nosing around.  It's hilarious to watch these little critters outwit her.  
In full disclosure, No lizards were injured during this photo shoot.
I can't say that Molly's ego wasn't dented a little..........

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