Handsome Boy!!

We're off on holiday today so naturally this is a picture I took whilst sitting on the sofa watching ER rather than doing any packing!!
As usual there was the last minute (hours!!!!) running around packing clothes, food, miscellaneous necessities, finding passports, hi-vis jackets, chargers etc etc. 
As usual we left a couple of hours later than we had planned!!
The journey down was great - the advantage of our perpetual lateness is that we often miss the worst of the traffic!
We're staying at a campsite near Folkestone tonight and I had to ring them to let them know we'd be arriving after 8pm. Actually closer to 11pm!!! 
They were fine - they said there'd be an envelope taped to the Reception window with our pitch marked on a map. It was all a bit James Bond!!!
We drove round to our pitch to find a VW T5 all set up. Luckily they were still awake and were very apologetic. They had assumed you could pitch where you like! They offered to move to their proper pitch but they had kids up in the roof, stuff piled up on the driver's seat and were changed for bed. 
It was much easier for us just to go to their original pitch. As long as we fitted, I said, Marshall's a bit bigger than a VW!!
It was fine!! 
Within minutes we were all in bed We have to be up at 5am. Uuugghhhhhh!!

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