By strawhouse


I would love Mr K to be in this photo because it's one I'll treasure. Obviously he was taking it!! I was just about to ask a passerby to take a photo with him in too when about a dozen people turned up all at once all wanting their pictures taken in front of the pretty house. See extras for another one!
What a fabulous first day in France we've had. We got to the tunnel at about 5.30am and got on a train half an hour earlier than our scheduled time. As usual there was barely time to get a cup of tea!!
I had worried it was going to be crazy busy as I kept getting emails from Eurotunnel about how crazy busy it was going to be.
See extras for how crazy busy the camper van car park was!!!!
The journey was painless as ever and before we knew it we were in France and zooming down the A16 towards Dieppe and then the beautiful Veules-les-Roses.
My mum and dad have been here since this morning and we set up next to them and ate bread and cheese for lunch. Hilariously French bread which we'd brought from home!!
Then we set off for a walk down into the village. It's considered one of the most beautiful villages in France and I have to agree! It's stunning!
The shortest river in France runs through it - 1.1km from the source to the sea. We walked the full length of it - past water wheels, watercress beds, thatched cottages, alleys and lanes dripping with flowers, enamel signs, secret gates. And the hotel where we had beer, Orangina, ice cream and biscuits in the beautiful courtyard garden, and the pharmacie where I bought sun cream because it was about a thousand degrees and got told off by the pharmacist for letting Miss L get a bit sunburnt and for clearly having skin ravaged by UV rays. She prodded my cheek!!!! Factor 50 it was!!!
And the church and the patisserie and the amazing wedding convoy which beeped and hollered their way through the town stopping to chat to friends and neighbours all the way. Brilliant!!
And the beach and the sea which the dogs loved as usual, giant crab shells everywhere, ice creams on the prom, the playground, the walk back along the river past more waterwheels and beautiful gardens.
Not forgetting the car park which my dad was particularly eager for us to see just beyond the spring!!!!! Even the Little Misses teased him about it. So funny!!
I loved it!!!!!
Back at the campsite the Little Misses wasted no time getting into the pool. I joined them as it was still about a million degrees. I've always thought those pools with the polytunnel-esque covers would be stiflingly humid and hideous but it was lovely - clever windows let in a breeze!
Even Nana came and dipped her toes in!!
I can't believe we've only been here a day. It feels like we've been on holiday for weeks already!!

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