Dexter the Organizer

Once in a while, a day comes along in which I do not leave our property. This was such a day, but I can't say that it was a relaxing one. I felt more like Cinderella, to be honest, working from dawn to dusk. In the middle of all of that, there were drenching downpours; we got soaked running out to close the car windows.

This was a scene from a morning organizing session, in which I got out and went through a bunch of jewelry. There were things I was looking for. My Penn State class ring (which I found, but it doesn't fit). My bracelet of red Venetian glass beads (did NOT find; still looking).

And of course, once I removed a few things from a shelf of the storage unit, in went Dexter (aka, the Helperton). It was a spot just big enough for one tabbycat, neatly arranged. From there, he sat and surveyed his kingdom!

My soundtrack is a weird but fun little tune from the Disney movie Enchanted, in which things get organized: Amy Adams, with Happy Working Song.

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