Buddy Yamaha

By richie_rollover

Journey from hell

It started out a really good day. We got up and headed to the beach to meet my aunt, my cousin and my cousin's five year old daughter for breakfast. after that we headed to the shows. We didn't go on the Grampian eye (seriously) which is pictured here but did go on a few other things.

after that it was back out to Culter to see my granny again.

a couple of hours there and we headed down the road at about 4. It was a nice day so we went for the coast road again with a bit more success this time. Our problems started when we got to Perth. Roz had read that there was going to be work on the Forth Bridge today and when we got to Perth there was a signs suggesting a 1 hour delay. We swithered about what to do but when we saw another sign down the road and the delay time hadn't reduced we decided to take the dollar turn off and head for the Kincardine bridge instead. That all seemed to be OK until we got within 2 miles of the bridge and saw a sign suggesting that there was a 60 minute delay there too. When we hit the halted traffic over a milefrom the bridge we decided to about turn and head for Stirling instead. as a result we finally made it home just before 8pm.

Oh well, it was a great weekend apart from that.

Friday and Saturday's blips are uploaded now too.

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