Stuff and Nonsense

By Diane2104

That's the last of the crab....or was it?

This morning we did a walk between the two bridges across the Menai Strait and found a nice little bird hide on the shores where we watched the tide come in for a while. There were a few varieties of birds around including a LOT of greylag geese, over a dozen herons, a few ducks and gulls, some sandpipers, a couple of curlew, redshank and a few peeping oystercatchers. 
But we had fun watching this Herring gull looking for his dinner under piles of seaweed and then finally finding this crab, who put up a valiant fight, but eventually succumbed to the stabbing motions of the gull's bill. 

After our walk we had booked for lunch at Dylan's in Menai Bridge and I had a lovely lunch of Thai crab cakes and then crab risotto - I did feel a bit guilty though.....

Turning my comments back on and hope to start commenting again from this evening. I have a week at home next week and finger's crossed I can find some time and energy again. 

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