Pictorial blethers

By blethers


I’m fascinated by this corner of Newhaven, to the north of Edinburgh. The modern flats in the background belong to a development called Platinum Point, part of the burgeoning town that is growing on the reclaimed land around Newhaven Harbour. In the middle ground is an area of land which may well have been scheduled for development but so far remains ... wild.

It’s fenced off, so no people or dogs go inside; the vegetation is lush, not to say rampant, and the pool in the centre is full of ducks, swans - I’m sure I saw a heron today. The birdsong was constant and exuberant this afternoon, as a sudden warm sun banished the memories of a chilly grey morning.

I love this bit. But I’m very much aware of being ready to get back to Argyll soon. Cities, even cities by the sea with surprises round every corner, are no longer places where I feel at home.

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