Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Golden fabulousness

They’re just flowers, and funny wee flowers at that, but this rocky bank the great people at Edinburgh Royal Botanical Gardens have created stopped me in my tracks. I’ve not seen it before, an I loved it.

Loved the day too - met up with friends we’ve not seen since last summer, had lunch in the Gardens and a great blethery wander (with me stopping every so often to take photos) before heading our respective ways home. We walked there and back, so really put in the steps. And it was sunny and calm. Like summer, really.

It helps, a day like this, for I’m missing the family whose house I’m in and missing Argyll and home. I don’t feel that Mousse the cat has fun when we’re here - I’m sure she misses her family as much as I do! I’m so much not a person who goes in for pets, but I find myself fretting over this creature’s psyche.

It’s a judgment...

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