Visit to Wimpole Farm and Gardens

near Cambridge on the way home from Cambridge (Finally a week late) :)

So many pictures to choose from the farm and the gardens, I filled a whole camera card up for the first time ever and its taken ages to get through them!!

More animals here  (I will add more as time allows and the gardens too).

The beautiful passion flower in the extras is my Dad's pride and joy...this is the first year its flowered for a few years :)

Gorgeous cheeky piglets who kept escaping from their pens, rude goats pushing at each other, tiny, tiny moorhen chicks (I nearly blipped one of them...and so many others :)

The gardens were enormous, and it was certainly a whistle stop tour before a quick lunch and on the way home :)

I will definitely have to go back, not least to see my Dad and StepMum again!!

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