Keith B

By keibr

Daisies in Focus

After a morning of breakfast and chat the weather started to brighten up and we took ourselves up to the top of the hill we can see from home, the one with the wind turbines on the top. Looking north towards the river and the High Coast bridge it is forest all the way to the horizon.  But in the foreground there are oxeye daisies and those were the focus of my blip today.
After this fairly simple walk we drove over that bridge and walked half the meditation walk other side of the river. Dela found the steeper and uneven ground a challenge because of medical problems but she was happy to have done the walk.
Ice-cream or coffee at the hotel there while we watched the first half of the World Cup final between Holland and the USA. A swift drive home at the half-time pause and I watched the second half on our own TV. The USA women won and if I'm honest they were the better team, but I would have loved it if Holland had won.

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