A Chilly Day

We waited at home for the rain to stop, as it was forecast to do. It stopped, we started to get ready to go out. The rain restarted, then stopped, then started again. We checked the forecast again - it wasn't raining. We looked out of the window, it was!
Eventually we got fed up and went out anyway, and we were rewarded because down on the coast it was dry!
On the beach we took the traditional bench photo.
No snow today, but not much sun either. Water temperature and air temperature were both 14C.
After the beach we walked to the picnic area near Klubbsjön, with its fireplace. Once Jan got the fire going we kept warm, mostly by hunting for wood, rather than huddling around the flames.
In the evening at home we lit the woodburner and converted our front room into a mild sauna!

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