By Shutterup

Seaside colours

It’s been a fabulous few days up north. Wonderful catching up with the graduate and spending a couple of quiet family days by the sea together was good for us all. we couldn’t leave before another quick trip to the new covered cafe by the harbour. These pictures say it all. The colours of the seaside and the tastes of the sea with glorious views of the sea at the same time. Heaven!!
We saw the dolphins this morning as well so that was a real treat.
A long uneventful drive home thank heavens and a day with no car tomorrow. I have to pick it up tomorrow evening after having to fork out a serious amount of money to replace the motor and the locking system for the roof. Ouch! It was a tough decision to make.. but as I have a diesel convertible VW about the only good selling point is the opening roof so it was a no brainer whilst painful

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