Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

What a day...

It's been a day that felt like a week.  It started out just great - a nice long chat with my parents, during which I spotted this American Snout butterfly.  The first one I've seen here in our garden since July 2012, which was cause for some excitement.

Then, a trip to the gym, completing my goal of five visits for the week.  Yay, me.  

Then lunch with hubs, which was nice.  We were just contemplating a nap when the call came in... MIL was being dispatched to the hospital.  

Hubs jumped in the car and met the ambulance at the hospital; I followed shortly after (after cancelling our plans to have dinner with our neighbors tonight).  Long story short, it seems like she is suffering from moderate dehydration; not uncommon in the elderly, but can  be quite dangerous.  She is being kept in hospital overnight just as a precaution.  They will continue to hydrate her and monitor vitals with the plan to release her back to the nursing home in the morning.  

It's a little after 8 and I just got home.  Hubs is staying until she gets settled in a ward for the night; then he'll come home.  

Yes, it's been a long day.  

I hear a glass of wine calling my name...


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