Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

A day of moments

It has been a good day.  MIL is still in hospital but doing well.  They just want to keep her for an extra day to make sure she is well hydrated and all systems working.  

The day started rainy which, for most people would be a tick in the "bad" column, but for me meant some quality time in the hide.  You know I love shooting in the rain.  And the birds were all so cooperative!  While I was shooting bluebirds out of one side of the hide, a young red-bellied woodpecker showed up mere feet away on the other side. Quick pivot and click, click, click.

Anyway, I rather randomly chose this shot for the simple reason that this may be one of my last opportunities to shoot bluebirds this year.  The first of the youngsters decided to fledge, rather unexpectedly, leaving its four siblings in the nest.  I expect they will all fledge tomorrow, concluding this season of bluebirds.  So here you have Mister flying into the nest where he is being awaited by none other than Little Eager Beaver, the youngster who fledged just a few minutes later.  I like the interaction of this shot.  And, also, it's after 8 at night and I just need to get my blip posted.  Still over 200 images to sort.  Tomorrow...


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