Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco


I'm flying
(Flying, flying, flying)
I can soar
I can weave, and what's more
I'm not even trying
High up, and as light as I can be
I must be a lovely sight to see -  Peter Pan, the musical

There really wasn't any doubt as to my blip today.  I am a bit rusty on my "hummers in flight" skills right now, but will have plenty of opportunity to get up to snuff this week.  As always, I was shooting in bursts and the frame immediately after this one was just ... green.  And the 4 frames before were slightly blurry.  And we won't discuss the other 10 frames, now will we?  If you'd like to see P-Hummie, standing guard, click HERE

Hubs and I met some friends for breakfast - it was great catching up with them as it's been way too long.  This evening, we are going to go have dinner with MIL at the home.  She is still lethargic and not getting around well so we don't feel that it is safe to take her out right now.  The physical therapists should start working with her this week to improve her mobility.

Hubs leaves on a business trip tomorrow and will be gone all week.  He is off to a running start with the new job.

Thank you again for all the love on my 7-year blip - that crazy looking little planthopper nymph is still at the top of the front page.  I went out to look for he and his buddy today and didn't find them, but I'm sure they are somewhere, munching on phlox.


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