Working Hard

In the never-ending saga of the neighbours' terraces across the way, this one has been in its current state since last October, when new people bought the penthouse and immediately tore up and disposed of the existing astroturf, covering the bare spot with some blue styrofoam panels and black plastic sheeting which naturally blew off in a matter of hours.  More plastic sheeting was put down, but this time they weighed it down with some random bricks (which did no good whatsoever), and finally with a layer of gravel.  And there it has remained lo these many months, an ugly eyesore ... until this morning, when a squad of workmen miraculously appeared!  We were so excited at the prospect of progress ... but so far all they have managed to do is stand around disconsolately, and then take a break from that exhausting exercise by sitting down and pulling out their cell phones.  Hope they're not being paid by the hour!

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