Grumpy Old Man

By Maurice1948

Rockfield on the mend

Rockfield Primary School in Oban, now owned by the community, is being overhauled in readiness for a new life as the Rockfield Centre. Last week it was announced that Argyll & Bute Council had awarded the project £90,000, but the latest news suggests that this money might be used instead to improve facilities at Mossfield, where Oban Live is held, after Oban Live saying that facilities are too bad there to hold an event in 2020. Not very fair.

The Community Charity Shop in the old playground at Rockfield has a great selection of items - the usual mix of furniture, books, household stuff, everything under the sun. Yet I was told today that it's very under-used - by 3.30 today only 27 people had come in, including the two of us. I bought three lovely books and had to refuse the offer of a wonderful old Harmsworth Atlas and Gazetteer of the World, dating possibly from 1906, as £50 was more than I could afford to pay for a book! But I would encourage anyone shopping in the town centre to pop in for a rummage!

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