By schorschi

Bit of colour

Bad day for me, feeling very off colour but did get out in the evening for a walk with Luna, our Schickling route with a short swim. I was dressed in a hoody & anorak as there was a good chance another of the constant light showers would come. Luckily not.

This house is one of about 3 in a "hamlet" close to the Schickling Estate. I suspect in days gone by it might have been for estate workers. 50m to the left of the scene, two beehives have been set up recently under some trees and a strip of field left unmown so that they have some food. Apart from the gardens of these houses and a few shrubs at the main house, there is now virtually nothing but short grass to be seen. Perhaps the bees will now start on Honeydew honey production from the forests. However, despite the storms yesterday & the showers today, the ground is desperately short of water and maybe like last year, there will be no tree sap for the insects to feed on and "deposit" the sugar for the bees.

I was hoping to fix our oven at home which gave up the ghost yesterday. Must be a faulty switch - the hob rings work fine. As I don't understand and am petrified by electrics, I postponed it. Just before going out for the walk, peeped into the fridge & freezer to see if any convenience food for a quick evening meal. Yes, but all to be heated in an oven! At 19:55 got to the supermarket in Ottobeuren with 5 minutes before closing time. Managed a bag of filled Tortellini to heat up in water/stock - just need a sauce & some lettuce leaves from the greenhouse.

PS my small new hive with Queen Charlotte are very quiet which is a good sign that they are happy. Won't open it up for a day or two when the weather is better and will move them to a sunnier spot in the garden.

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