Apples and Oranges

By Anitsirk

Busy day... Still have things to do before everything is set for tomorrow and the 'big day' of finally getting a bed again. 
My friend wasn't feeling well during the weekend, so we decided to give her an extra day of rest. Fortunately she felt better today, so the plan i s on for tomorrows bed assembling project. 
It's not going to be beautiful, just functional, so I'm not blipping it. 
Since I've been fixing things for tomorrow, I didn't really have anything to blip. So, emergency blip it is and hence another art journal page. I've recently discovered this band, trough a colleague. I really like the lyrics of this song, so I wanted to make an art journal page about it. First, there was just the sun. It looked a bit empty, so then there was the tree... and I'm rather happy with the outcome. 

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