Leave a light on

The lights are from The Harbour Bar, probably a mile as the crow flies, two miles walking.

When I was young, there were no ‘pre’s’. When we went out for a drink - we couldn’t drink before: we wouldn’t be fit to get through all the pubs.

The Harbour is the last pub; with the exception of Scott’s, which is inside the marina another half mile down the road.

I think I have drunk in this pub a total of three times in my life - I just never reached there.

We used to start at The Railway... then The Bridge, then McIntyres, then smugglers, then McKelvies, then the Anchorage, then pebbles - for the dancing.

And that didn’t include the Ailsa, the Burns, or the Lonsdale. They were left for other days

I was paddling tonight - all alone on the beach again, very grey sky. Not a breath of wind. It was amazing

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