Over the Seas....

Not to Skye - but this is Arran from a slightly different Angle. 

We took a wee run up the coast this morning / afternoon.  We headed to Gourock - there is a mad garden centre there which encompasses a garden centre, garden furniture, toy shop, craft shop, ladies wear, pet's corner.  A duck and terrapin pond.  oh, far too much to even contemplate. 

We didn't find what we were looking for.  We were looking for so much...

Well not really - I'm always on the look out for different plants, but didn't see anything which took my fancy. 

We drove for a bit up to Greenock - there is a fruit farm at the other side, but we were almost there, and realised that it was closed, so we turned right and right again, but it wasn't quite.... and then we found the road again and headed back down the coast - stopping for a bit to enjoy the view. 

We stopped in at the allotment on the way to check on how my beans had managed overnight - but heavens above they were fine - as were my leeks. 

Then we took a lettuce, and some greens, and Si tried some carrots and to our great joy ... CARROTS!  They were amazing (see extra) 

Then we sat and lazed in the garden... 

And slept for a while in the chairs, and then we came inside and watched a scary film!!! Why do I do that, Ill be having nightmares all night.

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