Brian's Bits

By Kanyl

Bonzer banana?

To paraphase a "dirty-old-man":-
"Can you see where I've been yet?" Actually - damnearly everywhere, before I got the idea.
It'll, doubtless, get a dose of the other in a day or two, but in the short term you can't whack the inside of a banana skin for doing goodly things to a bit of old leather. (Wonder if it'll work on the old physog, seriously doubt it though.)
The dose of the "Other". At one of our runs out to some horticultural show or other, R.H.S. like as not, Alice saw/liked some "Leather Genie©" "Balsam."
As you might expect, since it's not to be eaten, they didn't tell what's in it - except - "Contains Jojoba oil to create a first grade composition."
That said, from the smell/scent, I can imagine ladies rubbing it where ever they anoint with scent, lug-holes, wrists, etc. Though I'd not be too sure about your etc.

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