Now, as I see it......

By JohnRH

King of the hill

This morning we decided to walk high up into the old town to explore, and come down the old path, the Kateraktis, into the harbour. It is definitely one to tackle going down rather than up; steep in places and fairly rough under foot. It is deliberately positioned at the back of a hill so it cannot be seen from the sea so that potential raiders could be taken by surprise. For similar reasons, and also due to the contours of the land, the old town is a confusing mix of steps and narrow lanes going off in different directions, some so narrow that we needed to go sideways to pass through them, but also designed to confuse any raiders who made it to the top. This sheep and some goats were being kept in the ruins of an old house near the top and were very inquisitive about us as we passed by.

Of course, we got lost even though we've walked around here before, but you can never get truly lost if you follow the golden rule. Always take the downhill option, as there are few 'dead ends' so eventually you will end up in the harbour area which we did, even though it wasn't down the Kateraktis as planned. I've added an extra shot taken at the top; the Kateraktis goes down to the left of the hill in the middle but we ended up going down to the right.

It's this blipper's birthday today so we are eating in our favourite traditional taverna in the harbour, the Trawler, which does excellent fish and at a fraction of the price of the much better known 'Manos' fish restaurant.

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