Dawn's Journal

By DawnP

Dead Fly!

So today I had a fancy for trying some extreme macro using the macro lens, macro rails plus extension tubes.  After a bit of a hunt I found this dead fly on the kitchen windowsill and set up. 

Foolishly, I decided to work in the garden, and went back in for some reflectors in preparation for trying a focus stack.  By the time I got back outside the fly had flown (alright, a gust of wind took it somewhere), so that was the end of the session. 

This is one of a few trial shots I took - no cropping except to straighten it up a bit, which  shows the sort of magniifcation one can get with 100mm 1x1 macro lens plus 65mm extension tube (to give 1 x 1.64 magnification according to one website I found with a handy calculator tool)

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