Ramblings and Mutterings

By ValleyAllBlack

Miranda Day

All was well when I got up this morning.

Went to Cardiff and that is when it all started.

I went down for Team Wales' team photos.  Arrived at the location at the allotted time, no sign of anyone, walked up and down a few times just in case, but absolutely nothing.  So gave up.  Nightmare No.1

Went to a well known outdoor shop to purchase new walking kit, they had hardly any stock.  I know they've had their financial troubles, and this was clearly evident in this store.  Sad to see.  So I couldn't buy anything. Nightmare No. 2

Went to grab some lunch but needed cash, went to cash point, no cash, so just about scraped enough together for lunch.  Nightmare No. 3

So thought I'd treat myself to some books, came out of there having bought nothing.  Nightmare No. 4

Had lunch, came home.

Only to find out when I came home that Doctor Who were filming by the bookshop and the outdoor shop, and I just walked on by not knowing.  Nightmare No. 5

You have to laugh

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