Ramblings and Mutterings

By ValleyAllBlack


Just when you think today couldn't be worse than yesterday, then bang bang a few things sent to test me.

I travelled by train for a meeting to discuss my role further.  It didn't fill me with joy, and despite everyone saying we need to put my health first, what they say and what they do means they expect me to continue as normal.  I don't want that life, we're already talking about me doing 4 days, 2 days travel to get to and from East Midlands and then 2 days effectively consultancy.  Travel and living in hotels, despite what people may think it's not much fun.

And then the journey home struck, everything was fine till I got to Bristol and found my connecting train had been cancelled.  The next train arrived 40 minutes later, and it was standing room only, and to make it worse I was nowhere near the toilet.  Thankfully there were no accidents.

Today has been a proper test and I don't feel like it has helped me.

I can cope with the train situation, but the work thing has left me feeling down, there have been tears.

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