By flying


....glorious day, lots of sun and calm, just right for an amble along the beach.

Schools out so many were enjoying time at the beach, walking, drawing in the sand, having snacks, collecting, some were even brave enough to be swimming. The waves were not too bad for surfers and there were plenty of dogs enjoying a romp along the beach and in the waves. I noticed two light planes doing circuits at the rivermouth, perhaps people learning to fly while high above Air NZ was flying off to Wellington along the coast, the views would be spectacular today.

It was a girls day for mum and I and mum's friend C who is down from Blenheim for a night or two. We enjoyed lunch out before our wander along the beach. My blip was taken 2 hours before sunset, loved the light and mist along the ranges. My extra shows streams of light passing through the trees, a scene I nearly missed, thankful I turned around.

It was interesting to note how the beach had changed again, erosion quite bad in places with evidence that high seas had been. All shapes and sizes of driftwood had been left providing children plenty of building material for huts.

It was a day to catch up with a friend, enjoy a wander and just being together.

Happy Tuesday everyone :)

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