Nuremberg Revisited

Nuremberg is a delightful city - very 'German' and picturesque with bridges over the river, 'medieval' style streets and delightful restaurants. I have been here before on a concert tour with Chiltern Chamber Choir - I can't remember how long ago but it's probably 8 years (or a bit more).  Then, we were based in Nuremberg but moved to other places for our performances - I remember it as great fun and a super place.

Today it was just as good although different - time moves on, I am here with John and Pepper and our goals are contrasting.  It is still a very beautiful city and we were able to wander the streets looking at the many attractions of the place.  I looked after Pepper while John went into the Albrect Durer museum (I had visited before) and managed a bit of street photography whilst hanging around.  One 'wall' of the city is for selfies and poses - I persuaded John to pose in front of a couple - including this WANTED poster.

After a bite to eat we moved our m/h to a different site within walking distance of the old Nazi Stadium - a place with huge impact that I have seen on the previous visit but is one of those 'must see' places - the plan being to walk there in he morning.  Unfortunately, the site, although ideally placed, already had a couple of 'resident' families whose children were haranguing a parked coach driver - so we decided we would not feel safe there for a night and relocated to another site.

We will drive back tomorrow as this stadium brings home the huge impact of the Nazi movement and helps understand why/how it all happened.  I am including an extra of a violinist busker - hauntingly beautiful music in a dramatic position with contrasting light and dark.

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