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My yellow orchid

Lots of my orchids are in flower just now but I'm particularly proud of this yellow one. I brought it back from the dead last year and it has rewarded me well.
Thank you everybody for your good wishes on my birthday yesterday. Having a little difficulty with the number but heh ho, it's never going to go down!
Today I went to the Rectory at 7.30 with a flak, a blanket and our beanbag to wait for the Virgin man. He was due between 8 and 12. When 12 had come and gone I phoned to see what had happened and was told there was no visit booked in for today, at which point I almost lost of. Having spent 9 hours in the last week, sitting in an empty house only to be told the next appointment wouldn't be tomorrow. I was very nice to the man in Hyderabad, but I told him that the service was unacceptable and that my next step was to Ofcon. I got to a manager eventually who took the decision to escalate my complaint and at least at 14.30 an engineer turned up. As I had thought the fault was not in the house but in the green box at the end of the road. It took less than 10 minutes but it is now FIXED. We have our emergency phone at the rectory and people can leave us messages if they need to. Hallelujah, I hope never to have to try to do this again.
Vacancy committee meeting this evening and time to iron out some details re the vacancy
8635 steps today

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