Playing with ideas for `Old and New'

We have a camera club project running at the moment with the theme of `Old and New’.  Someone chose it as the special subject for the interclu competition with Holmfirth in the Autumn.  Basically our club will need five images in this section, so at the end of the day the club selectors will choose the ones they want to represent the club.  I’d spotted this very modern ceramic on our bookcase (you know how things become part of the wallpaper and you stop seeing them).  So I thought I’d have a play.  This kind of image making is always harder than you think it’s going to be.  I’m wondering if I can produce a page of copper plate writing to go under the pen and ink and whether that would add to the story.

Tai Chi this morning and then a trip into Penistone this afternoon to sort out a few things and to visit the doctors for our shingles jab.  Apparently it’s something they are doing once you reach 70.

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